How to choose batteries for your fpv

How to choose batteries for your fpv

In fpv racing, racers always choose high-voltage and high C rate lipo batteries for the high speed and high explosive power. But for players who are just getting started, they don’t know what the C rate of a battery is. I have been asked by many new players about how to choose a battery for their fpvs. This article will explain this in detail.

The C rate is an important indicator to measure the continuous discharge and burst discharge of the lipo battery. We can easily calculate the maximum continuous discharge current that will not damage the battery by C rate. The maximum continuous discharge current of the battery = battery capacity (Ah) * battery discharge rate (C). For example: 1100mAh 120C 22.2V lipo battery, its maximum continuous discharge current = 1.1Ah*120C=132A.

“Using high C rate batteries and your fpv will definitely get higher speed and explosive power” this statement is irresponsible. The high C rate of the battery can only indicate that the battery can maintain a high continuous discharge current, but the power of the fpv is provided by its motor and controlled by an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). We can choose the battery according to the rated voltage of the motor first. The higher working power of the motor, the stronger of the fpv power and the higher of the required input current. If you use a low C rate battery at that time, it may cause poor fpv performance and fail to release a large current to supply the motor normally. We can see whether the battery meets the current motor by simple calculation:

  1. Check the manual to find the maximum current value of the motor, multiply it by the total number of motors, and plus 1-2A current for other electrical components, then we can roughly estimate the maximum current consumption of fpv. The maximum continuous discharge current of the battery is recommended to be up to twice the maximum current consumption of fpv.
  2. About the battery capacity, it is not that the larger the capacity the better, because a battery with a larger capacity will increase the weight of the fpv. We generally recommend a full throttle pull/weight is 4-5.5 for the practice fpv and 5.5-6.5 for the racing fpv. The full throttle pull can be viewed in the motor manual as well.

RacePow fpv batteries are assembled with high quality pouch cells made of imported raw materials, and advanced automated production processes. They have been gone through strict matching tests and successfully passed ISO international quality certification, with a cycle life of up to 300 times and low internal resistance. After high current discharge, the batteries will not heat up excessively, which is worthy of everyone’s trust.

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