OEM Service

At the frontier of LiPo battery technology, we offer businesses around the globe unparalleled Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services. With our advanced automated and semi automated production equipment, and precision testing capabilities, we can closely match your specific power requirements with high performance, high consistency, and safe batteries.

Leveraging our industry-proven research and development capabilities, we offer a comprehensive suite of OEM services, from planning and prototyping to the manufacturing and distribution of LiPo batteries. These solutions are built on our capacity to produce high-rate LiPo batteries successfully addressing technology's core issues like consistency and security.

We work as an integral part of your team to understand your power needs thoroughly. This approach allows us to develop, design, and produce battery solutions that ensure your products perform optimally, reliably, and safely. We adopt a flexible and adaptive approach to manufacturing, adjusting processes as necessary to meet any changes or variations in your requirements.

Our OEM services offer an impressive balance between cost-effectiveness and high standards of quality. We focus on production efficiency and stringent quality control to deliver products that are worth every penny invested. We believe in achieving economies of scale that benefit all stakeholders – from us to our OEM partners and, finally, to end users.

Beyond the product, we also offer comprehensive logistics support. Our years of experience in the shipping and handling of LiPo batteries ensures your products arrive timely and in perfect condition. A partnership with us guarantees manufacturers a hassle-free experience from production to delivery, putting us at the forefront as a reliable OEM partner.