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15Ah 3.62V Solid State LiPo Battery for High Performance Applications

15Ah 3.62V Solid State LiPo Battery for High Performance Applications

Weight 213g
Capacity 15Ah
Discharge Rate 4C (Maximum Continuous Discharge)
Voltage 3.62V
Connector Type Standard connectors compatible with high-performance applications
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  • High energy density (>265Wh/kg) for extended run times
  • Advanced solid-state technology for enhanced safety
  • Low internal resistance (≤2mΩ)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Exceptional cycle life of over 1500 cycles


  • Capacity: 15Ah
  • Voltage: 3.62V
  • Discharge Energy: 54.3Wh
  • Charge/Discharge Temperature Range: -20°C to 60°C
  • Maximum Charge Current: 3C
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 4C


  • Electric vehicles
  • Drones
  • Portable electronic devices requiring high efficiency and reliability
  • Expertise

    Years of experience and technical proficiency in high-performance LiPo batteries for diverse applications.

  • Innovation

    Unique handling and sealing processes solving key technology issues: high consistency and safety.

  • Customization

    Offering flexible OEM and ODM services tailored to meet individual business needs.

  • Quality

    Rigorous testing standards and stringent quality control ensure reliability and durability of our batteries.

  • Affordability

    Competitive pricing achieved through efficient production processes and economies of scale.

  • Support

    Comprehensive logistics support ensuring timely and safe delivery of your products.

Safety Notes

  1. Before using it, please fully charge it with a specific LiPo balance charger.
  2. If the new LiPo battery won’t hold a full charge or loss the charge very quickly in a short time, please use a professional lipo battery Charger to charge and recycle several times first. For most LiPo batteries, the safest charge rate is 1C.
  3. The charging temperature must range from 15-35 Celsius, reverse charging is prohibited.
  4. The voltage difference between any two cells should be in 0.03V, or a charge is advised to balance the voltages before usage.
  5. NEVER overcharge or Over-discharge lipo battery. Never charge above 4.2V per cell and discharge below 3.0V per cell. (Normal cell voltage is between 3.7V~4.2V).
  6. Do store battery at a place with low humidity and free from corrosive gas within the temperature ranged from -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius.
  7. Under any circumstances, disassembly of the battery is prohibited.